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Chapter President Shawn Kennedy, CD1
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Thanks to those who have responded so quickly. Further to my last, I had a chance to talk to Bob and Terry and they filled me in on a few details. It would seem that the Legion has booked the spaces downstairs for a dart tournament the evening of Jan 25th. They have limited space and only have the office (the back room) available. Obviously they want to have the bar facilities free and clear for all those attending the tournament. This leaves us with no option other than to move our meeting one evening to the right on the 26th. It will start at the normal time. Terry will be contacting all members himself to ensure everyone is informed. Terry, please donít forget to ask for acknowledgement and include the executive as well. Remember you have an assistant now, Iím sure Charles will help if he can. Thanks Terry. In talking to Bob he has clarified the point that although our Charter hangs in the Legion we are still guests of the Legion and have to periodically accept that Legion business will outweigh our own interests. It must be understood by all of us on the executive that my predecessors have gone to a lot of effort to establish our presence both here in the local region and in particular at the Branch 160 Legion. So letís try to be gracious and understanding when we receive unexpected news of this sort. I will be contacting the Branch 160 President as soon as possible to go over some of the finer details with our using their facilities. My hope is to establish a more permanent type of agreement so as to avoid this situation in the future. Iíll let you know how it goes. Thanks for reminding me Bob. Skip could you please put a notice of some sort on our web page to reflect this change for Jan 06 only. Thanks. On another note: One of the points that was brought up repeatedly by our membership was the lack of, or untimely communications within the chapter that resulted in some frustration for our members. Our chapter covers a large geographical area and as with all groups that face this same condition, it can be difficult to compensate for. As was started in the later half of last year and which I will continue to push to the front of my agenda list this year, is to try and alleviate this problem as much as possible. I believe with your help we can achieve this goal. This has to be a collective effort and we have started this process by a number of efforts by our comrades. To list a few:

1. Skip has created our web site and continues to update on a regular basis.
2. Ron has volunteered to take on the communication role, which has a dual role. One, keeping Skip and myself informed of all upcoming events so that we can therefore pass critical info to the membership through appropriate venues. Two, interface with outside agencies such as the Legion or any other affiliated club or organization for the same reason.
3. Terry has taken on an assistant to help him contact chapter members direct and in a timelier manner.
4. Vince continues to collaborate with various agencies to ensure our participation in ceremonial activities.
5. Mona putting together minutes and distributing them to both myself and Skip for publication.
6. George counting our pennies and making sure we donít overspend and reporting same.
7. I will be contacting Paul Greensides shortly to introduce our committee members and establish a direct link to the higher HQ. What this means to us on the executive is that I will try to establish direct contact between you and your applicable counterparts at all levels and with other chapters. Iím trying to share the load and remove any funnels of information that may get blocked simply because of my absence. As a small organization, I believe we have come a relatively long way to enhance communications within the chapter. This is because of the dedication of our volunteers on the executive and various committeesí. We need to understand amongst ourselves that this is a work in progress. Please continue to support your comrades when and where you can, it is appreciated. I intend to have an executive meeting when I get back from down south to go over some of the finer points together with you all. Ití been my experience that to have any one individual understand their role is not enough, everyone has to understand everyone elseís role to succeed. I expect this executive meeting may happen twice a year, more or less as you all feel necessary. As a reminder I have asked Bob to chair the meeting in Jan 06, thanks again Bob. Please feel free to contact me with any kind of feedback, positive or negative, ideas, thoughts, etcÖ My goal as I said earlier is to enhance communication not only within the chapter but more importantly amongst ourselves as an executive. Shawn
Chapter President Shawn Kennedy, CD1
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Shawn Kennedy
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Dartmouth, NS B2W 4L5
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